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The Norwegian mixed media artist Bente Røyseth Hestholm started painting in 2003. Apart from attending a few workshops, she is self-taught. However, constantly reading art litterature and searching the Internet and You Tube she is inspired by other artists and is always eager to learn new techniques to apply to her own works.

Bente is originally from the small island of Ulsteinvik, Norway, but fate and love has taken her to many other places since she was a small girl. At the age of 5 she moved from Norway to Vancouver, Canada with her 2 year older sister and their parents. She feels that she has always been on the move and finds it easy to settle in new places. Never afraid of trying something new she has pursued different lines of work and education: cabin attendent (SAS), hotel receptionist, technical drawer, hair dresser, radiographer and graphic designer. Finding her inner voice, tranquility and being able to channel all the impressions acquired during a hectic day, has been very important. She has been residing in Phuket, Thailand with her husband and youngest daughter since the summer of 2009. Bente is currently influenced by the imagery of the monks and the inner knowledge, kindness and tranquility they radiate.

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