Magic stamps

I would like to share a new (for me anyway) kind of stamps which I find very versatile. They are called magic stamps and come in various sizes and are moldable foam stamps. I decided to try out the more block like sizes which are about 6×10 cm. The great thing is you can use them on both sides.

Heating the magic stamp

You take your heat gun and heat up the stamp for about 20 seconds, make sure you move the heat around on the surface. When it’s warm enough, turn off the heat gun and take your stamp and press it on desired texture, f.ex. crunched up paper, string, beads, buttons – anything that will make indentations on your stamp. Apply ink or paint and stamp away! Make sure you clean your stamp right away or else the paint may stick to the foam. You can reuse your stamp by heating it up again and the pattern disappears. Now you can make a new one!

The pattern on the top is made of crumpled paper and the bottom one is a negative image of another stamp I've made using styrofoam.

You can buy the stamps on or eBay or by contacting the dealer. A pack of four costs around 6-8 USD + shipping. There are several videos on You Tube showing how to use them!

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Standing strong WIP (work in progress)

I thought I would show you one of the pieces I’m working on at the moment. I felt I had to vent the feelings inside of me after July 22nd and this is what came out. This is a collage and the size is 50×70 cm on canvas. This is completely different from the work I usually do but it felt good to do something completely different. First I added a stenciled border using molding paste so it would be embossed from the background. After making several layers of background color, I did some scraping and then added some symbolic collage elements and some stamping. I also made an inscription and drew a dove in ink, see the detailed pic. Let me know what you think! Click on the picture to get a larger view.

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The meaninglessness of it all

I haven’t posted anything these last couple of days because firstly my mother came to visit us from Norway and secondly because of the tragedies that have taken place in Norway. Last Wednesday we found out that two wonderful young men, only 19 and 20 years old, lost their lives in a boating accident. These young men, Ola and Frikk, were the sons of two couples that we once considered as great friends. When one has small children and very busy lives, friendships sometimes change over the years, as ours did. We still think very fondly of our friends but we just lost touch… Now after this tragic accident we think of them all the time, not quite being able to comprehend what they must be going through.

On Friday afternoon the Norwegian government was attacked and then two hours later, the massacre at Utøya. All these young lives just at the beginning of their adulthood, with their aspirations and expectations of what they would become and who they would be. All gone. Just memories left for their families, friends and others who loved and knew them to hold on to, while trying to fathom what has happened. How could one of our own countrymen do something so horrific? Is he insane or is it his beliefs that have distorted his sense of normality and decency? If a person is allowed to be so engulfed in his perception of what is the right thing to do, without anyone there to contradict and challenge him, it gets dangerous. I do not agree with the sitting Norwegian government and their immigration policies but we do live in a democracy and we have to challenge each other in public debates, whether it be in the newspapers, tv, radio, or other media. We must NOT take matters in our own hands and force our beliefs on others. We are so LUCKY to live in a country that allows us to have our own opinions and to air them freely.

The Norwegian people like to think of themselves as a peace loving nation and the way my countrymen have behaved and stood so closely together, around 250 000 people demonstrating peacefully at the Rosemarch in Oslo, has moved me deeply and made me VERY PROUD to be Norwegian. Actions like these gives us hope that the world can be a better place for our children and grandchildren.


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Studio pictures

I didn’t go to my studio until 14.00 because I had a headache this morning. A gang of us from our resort went out to dinner last night and had a really nice time. I know that wine doesn’t agree with me, I tend to get migraines. But when you are in good company a couple of glasses of wine seems like the right thing to do… Luckily the headache today wasn’t so severe, but enough to keep me in bed longer than usual. Didn’t plan on painting, just wanted to do preparations for some stamps I want to make and to take some pictures of my studio so you can see what it looks like.

I have a work in progress that I couldn’t leave alone (a continuation of the monk series) and now I think maybe I ruined it. That said, things never get ruined, they just change. If I’m not happy with the result I get, I just keep on working on it until it looks completely different. Also I prepared 4 more hardboard panels. Now they are a grayish blue but who knows what they will look like when they’re finished… Continue reading

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New studio

Harald needed a new office and asked Pilut and Nuss if he could rent a room at their other son’s house. As luck would have it the tenants there were going to move out on June 30th. We went to take a look and he liked one of the rooms on the third floor (there are two rooms and a bathroom on each floor). It’s a nice room with a balcony overlooking the temple area of Wat Chalong and a beautiful lake with waterlilies. In the late afternoon some of the monks go done to the lake to feed bread to the fish. Harald really wanted me to rent the other room on the same floor for my studio. This room is equivalent to the studio I already had, but one floor higher up. I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to since I was quite happy where I was. However this room had a better view and about 70 cm wider. You wouldn’t think of that as much but the room felt bigger and more spacious. So after doing a little contemplating I agreed to do the move – so now I have my second studio!

It’s not completely finished, I’m waiting for Pilut to finish fixing my sink on my balcony. I have an outside sink where I can wash my brushes and rinse out my water containers. At the moment I have water coming in through the waterpipe but the drainage system isn’t properly assembled yet… So I have to empty my containers in a bucket, take it outside and throw the water out on the side of the road. Not environmentally friendly but it’s not for long and what to do when the creating urge is over you?? Continue reading

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My first blog – ever!

I never thought that I would be one of the millions og bloggers out there in that vast void! What could I have to say that would interest anyone, but then I thought after reading other artists blogs, that maybe my artistic experiences could benefit someone else too.

First of all I can start off by telling you a little about myself. I am originally from Norway but moved to Phuket, Thailand in June 2009 with my husband, Harald, and our youngest daughter, Maud, who has just turned 18. We have another daughter, Yvonne, who is 27 and still living in Oslo. Yvonne is going to make us very proud grandparents in Oct/Nov and we are looking forward to it immensely! The only backside is that we live so very far apart at the moment… I love my daughters very much and they are my pride and joy. Harald is the greatest guy ever and can be very spontaneous sometimes. He is very easy going and when life is good to him he is the happiest person I know of.

After working very hard and living very busy lives, we decided to take a break from it all. Maud wanted a break from school too, so since we had bought an apartment here in 2008 we thought what could be better than a year away from it all in beautiful Thailand! The first year we had a great time, a lot of new people to meet and beautiful places to see. Maud met Bao who is Thai, and shortly after they met became her boyfriend. Bao introduced us to a part of Thailand that we didn’t know about. The authenticity of the Thai people and culture became apparent to us much sooner than it would have done if we had not met him. Continue reading

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