Magic stamps

I would like to share a new (for me anyway) kind of stamps which I find very versatile. They are called magic stamps and come in various sizes and are moldable foam stamps. I decided to try out the more block like sizes which are about 6×10 cm. The great thing is you can use them on both sides.

Heating the magic stamp

You take your heat gun and heat up the stamp for about 20 seconds, make sure you move the heat around on the surface. When it’s warm enough, turn off the heat gun and take your stamp and press it on desired texture, f.ex. crunched up paper, string, beads, buttons – anything that will make indentations on your stamp. Apply ink or paint and stamp away! Make sure you clean your stamp right away or else the paint may stick to the foam. You can reuse your stamp by heating it up again and the pattern disappears. Now you can make a new one!

The pattern on the top is made of crumpled paper and the bottom one is a negative image of another stamp I've made using styrofoam.

You can buy the stamps on or eBay or by contacting the dealer. A pack of four costs around 6-8 USD + shipping. There are several videos on You Tube showing how to use them!

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