My first blog – ever!

I never thought that I would be one of the millions og bloggers out there in that vast void! What could I have to say that would interest anyone, but then I thought after reading other artists blogs, that maybe my artistic experiences could benefit someone else too.

First of all I can start off by telling you a little about myself. I am originally from Norway but moved to Phuket, Thailand in June 2009 with my husband, Harald, and our youngest daughter, Maud, who has just turned 18. We have another daughter, Yvonne, who is 27 and still living in Oslo. Yvonne is going to make us very proud grandparents in Oct/Nov and we are looking forward to it immensely! The only backside is that we live so very far apart at the moment… I love my daughters very much and they are my pride and joy. Harald is the greatest guy ever and can be very spontaneous sometimes. He is very easy going and when life is good to him he is the happiest person I know of.

After working very hard and living very busy lives, we decided to take a break from it all. Maud wanted a break from school too, so since we had bought an apartment here in 2008 we thought what could be better than a year away from it all in beautiful Thailand! The first year we had a great time, a lot of new people to meet and beautiful places to see. Maud met Bao who is Thai, and shortly after they met became her boyfriend. Bao introduced us to a part of Thailand that we didn’t know about. The authenticity of the Thai people and culture became apparent to us much sooner than it would have done if we had not met him.

Our neighbour had a visit from his daughter-in-law, Ellen, in January of 2010. Ellen is also an artist and a very energetic one too! I hadn’t done any artwork for about a year prior to our meeting but Ellen managed to trigger my interest for painting again. We went to galleries and shopped and talked about her art projects. After she left I told Harald that I felt like painting again. I started ploughing the Internet and was blown away over all the videos about all kinds of artwork and craft projects! Anyway the gods were on my side on this one because shortly after I was introduced to a Thai couple, Pilut and Nuss, who had a shophouse not far from where we live. A shophouse is a two or three story house where the owners have a shop, restaurant, repair shop or any kind of business venture on the ground floor and they usually use the rest of the house as their living quarters. Pilut and Nuss had bought the two storey house for their youngest son and they had a small grocery store on the ground floor which their son is to take over. They have also bought a three storey house for their oldest son, who is studying in Bangkok, a few houses down the road. Anyway one of the rooms on the second floor of the first house was vacant. I was able to rent it and presto! РI had my very first studio!


The picture doesn’t convey it well but the lighting is terrific! I tried to protect the wall and floor in the beginning but gave it up because it became a place for insects to occupate...


The view from my balcony. This field is now full of new houses...

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4 Responses to My first blog – ever!

  1. Ellinor Liljedal says:

    Hei Bente.
    Knallflott nettside du har skaffet deg, e veldig imponert over dine flotte bilder. Gleder meg til fortsettelsen. √ėnsker deg lykke til videre.
    Det va veldig fint å treffe deg på LMM.
    Klem fra Ellinor

    • Hei Ellinor! Tusen takk for at du var innom siden min og for den flotte kommentaren :) Koselig √• m√łte deg p√• LMM ogs√•, jeg har ikke v√¶rt s√• veldig aktiv i den siste tiden fordi jeg har v√¶rt s√• opptatt med √• produsere bilder og f√• til denne siden. Kommer sterkt tilbake og da skal jeg se n√¶rmere p√• hva det er for noe flott du har laget i det siste! Klem fra Bente

  2. Turid R√łyset says:

    Hei Bente,
    You blow me away!!
    Kjempefin nettside til dei vakre bilda dine!
    E kjempestolt av dej lilles√łster!!! Gler mej til √• lese meir og sj√• meir
    av det fine ej veit du vil skape framover.
    Klem frå Ulsteinvik

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