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Harald needed a new office and asked Pilut and Nuss if he could rent a room at their other son’s house. As luck would have it the tenants there were going to move out on June 30th. We went to take a look and he liked one of the rooms on the third floor (there are two rooms and a bathroom on each floor). It’s a nice room with a balcony overlooking the temple area of Wat Chalong and a beautiful lake with waterlilies. In the late afternoon some of the monks go done to the lake to feed bread to the fish. Harald really wanted me to rent the other room on the same floor for my studio. This room is equivalent to the studio I already had, but one floor higher up. I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to since I was quite happy where I was. However this room had a better view and about 70 cm wider. You wouldn’t think of that as much but the room felt bigger and more spacious. So after doing a little contemplating I agreed to do the move – so now I have my second studio!

It’s not completely finished, I’m waiting for Pilut to finish fixing my sink on my balcony. I have an outside sink where I can wash my brushes and rinse out my water containers. At the moment I have water coming in through the waterpipe but the drainage system isn’t properly assembled yet… So I have to empty my containers in a bucket, take it outside and throw the water out on the side of the road. Not environmentally friendly but it’s not for long and what to do when the creating urge is over you??

I’ve wanted to try out painting on hardboard panels for a short while now, but a panel 10″x10″ costs about 20USD and shipping costs are really expensive. When you first order online you don’t want to order just one, so I planned on ordering 5 and the shipping cost was almost as expensive as the panels… Instead Harald went to the carpenter just down the road and asked if they could make the same kind of panels. They said they could so he ordered 13! I was sceptic, not because of the number, but because Thais aren’t really known to be accurate nor doing ¬†thorough work. I don’t want to put the Thais down and we love and respect them, but this is something we have experienced on several occasions. An example: our neighbor wanted to have one of his bedroom walls painted green. As it turned out they didn’t have enough paint to finish the wall, so instead of asking our neighbor to get more paint for them they just took some paint they had left over from another job and finished the wall. No matter that it was a completely different color – it was paint and they thought it looked just fine!

So I was a bit apprehensive about the panels. As it turned out the carpenter did a great job on the frame, but managed to mount the masonite the wrong side up! I could still use them, but there was more priming and sanding involved. You can see the result on my gallery page>work on hardboard panels>the geisha series. Sorry for not posting any pictures today but I forgot to take a picture of my new studio. I’ll take a couple of pictures tomorrow or on Monday. Take care and have a great weekend!

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