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I didn’t go to my studio until 14.00 because I had a headache this morning. A gang of us from our resort went out to dinner last night and had a really nice time. I know that wine doesn’t agree with me, I tend to get migraines. But when you are in good company a couple of glasses of wine seems like the right thing to do… Luckily the headache today wasn’t so severe, but enough to keep me in bed longer than usual. Didn’t plan on painting, just wanted to do preparations for some stamps I want to make and to take some pictures of my studio so you can see what it looks like.

I have a work in progress that I couldn’t leave alone (a continuation of the monk series) and now I think maybe I ruined it. That said, things never get ruined, they just change. If I’m not happy with the result I get, I just keep on working on it until it looks completely different. Also I prepared 4 more hardboard panels. Now they are a grayish blue but who knows what they will look like when they’re finished…

My studio

This is the part of my studio where I sit and draw or make stencils and stamps.

My studio 2

This is my painting area. I love my new spacious studio!!

Studio view

This is part of the view from my studio balcony.

Studio view

This is the rest of the view and I can see our resort in the right hand corner!


Work in progress before I changed it...


This is how it looks for now... I'm not sure which one I like the best though...


Another work in progress.


And another one. These works are on cardstock.


Here are the panels that I have painted with a blue/gray background color. We'll see what will happpen to them...


And here are the japanese stamps all ready to be burned.

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